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yiqie asked: MMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!


IT TOOK LIKE 5 ASKS TO GET HERE LOL well hello there 

OKAY WOW HI hi hello yiqie Vi girlfriend hi hello how are you is it hot where you are wait no of course it was you live in hell I mean it’s kinda always hot there ANYWAY as I was saying THANK YOUUUUUUU thank thank thank you for everything. You seriously really mean a lot to me and I’m so thankful and fortunate and I might even say blessed to know you because you’ve taught me a lot of things about myself but mostly you’ve taught me a lot about people. I feel like we’re really… equal? Like we’re always on equal footing and I really respect you and adore you a lot. And I’m not REALLY GOOD with comforting people which sucks but I hope you know and remember that I’m really happy that you’re here and I really don’t know about the kind of person I would….be… without….you…… I’M ACTUALLY BLUSHING IMMA STOP THIS IS REALLY EMBARRASSING HAHA I LOVE YOU BYE 

omg why are you thanking me so much ;;;;; i love you konnie :( please always stay in my life youre Extremely important to me

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why you don’t see a lot of “nice” SJ bloggers:


  1. people take advantage of your niceness to exploit you as a “source” of information - bombarding you with questions/requests with no respect for your boundaries/limitations
  2. give you backhanded compliments on your niceness at the expense of less nice “unreasonable” feminists/activists/others in your group
  3. use your nice statements as arguments against less nice activists/ people in your group or to excuse/justify oppressive behavior
  4. take your niceness as an invitation to enter your space even if they have a bigoted mindset because they find your space comfortable/safe (making it less safe for you)
  5. use your niceness as the basis for creating a false “middle ground” on issues of oppression and/or painting oppressive behaviors as mere mistakes or as a “gray area”
  6. the things we are upset about or denounce are usually upheld and praised and we are working to counteract those messages and create spaces where those things are unacceptable/not upheld as ideal
  7. lastly, niceness in the oppressed is usually defined by the privileged as being docile/acquiescent- basically being complicit in or enabling oppression and activists are by definition not these things. see [x]