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It’s about time that I finally talk about fan taken picture editors. Let me just say before hand that my disapproval of editing pictures doesn’t reflect any judgement on people’s characters or mean I hate those who do it. I have no desire on spending my days trying to convince them to stop but I’m not here to defend anyone, only to express my personal opinion. 

Most of us know by now that a lot fan sites state specially to not edit picture or crop out logos and fans with at least a little common courtesy respect the photographer’s rules because they are kind enough to provide us with these pictures. I don’t know if some people realize but their rules matter. Saying they shouldn’t post them if they don’t want them to be edited is such a poor excuse. The fault is not in the photographer who spend hours of their time, hundreds of dollars and are gracious enough to share these photos with others. If it was up to me, I’d also like editors to not have rules and allow fans to edit pictures however they want but it’s not. It’s not up to anyone else’s saying either. I see this kind of thrift as a greed for attention, notes and followers.

Maybe you’ve lived in a first world country for so long that you think everyone needs to cater to your desires but please understand, they don’t. If your doing made no effects other than angering others doesn’t make you show signs of remorse, then no one would care that you are failing at trying to defend your actions. However, it’s not all about you but I don’t expect you to care about the entire fandoms who are at threat of less resources because of people like you.  Rules exist no matter how much you don’t want to follow them. In fact, your refusal is childish and irresponsible and it makes me question your morals. 

The fact that you bluntly insult those who disagree with you also displays just how self-centered you are, insisting they are the one who are wrong and trying to bring followers into the matter. It’s not about them. It’s about you who are disregarding all voices of reason and trying to justify what you’re doing with “yolo”. I’m not sure if you’re aware of just how pitiful you sound. I’m not okay with you stalking my friends’ twitters and trying to find bad things to say about them and calling them names when they are right about you being fan taken pictures editors and how rude you are to a lot of people. It marvels me how you are not only extremely ungrateful to these fans who share photos with us but also straight forwardly disrespectful to them. Do you even think about how they feel? After all the efforts they make, all they ask is proper credit and no editing and maybe they’ve even cried about people like you. 

It’s never too late to stop editing them and just stick to editing official pictures. The entire kpop fandom is insane enough without you rulebreakers being stubborn and immature. I hold nothing personally with anyone, in fact some of my friends do edit fan take pictures, but I don’t want you guys to think my silence on the matter is equal to my support. I very well could have just wasted my time because some of these people just don’t want to listen, not even when people kindly ask them to stop. I enjoy photographers’ pictures of my biases and favorite groups and I don’t want them to stop sharing them but if that’s what it takes for the message to get through to you, then I hope that the day they decide to stop sharing them, they make a list of editors who have caused them to stop and include you. 

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